Monday, July 7, 2014

10 effective ways to get rid of a girlfriend

A woman can provide you with the best companionship and be the best life partner you always dreamt of. On the other hand, a girl can also be the complete opposite and prove to be a combination of disaster and doom in one single package, leaving no option but to get rid of her as soon as possible. But it is easier said than done, and the female hormones can prove to be a big barrier in losing your girlfriend in a simple and easy manner. Most of the times, the conventional methods might not work and you might have to use devious means to dump your girl.

Whatever the reason might be, if you feel that your life is being constrained because of one lousy mistake you made, it is time to get out of it and live a new and better life. Here are some tips to help you lose a girlfriend who is neither compatible nor the type of woman you want to spend your life with. And you don’t have to feel bad about the fact that you are dumping her, who knows, you might be doing her a favor by giving her an opportunity to find a better guy, no offence intended.

Avoid her like the plague: The best way to make sure that your girl knows about your disinterest is to avoid her like the proverbial plague. You should stop making calls to her and returning calls from her and stop any kind of social interaction that you had earlier. You can make up excuses to avoid meeting her and remain incommunicado when she wants to get in touch. You should also start acting like the busiest person in the world. Although these techniques don’t work with all types of girls but it will help to get your message across. 

Show her all your downsides: No man is perfect and a woman knows and accepts that fact very well. But when the same man’s attributes are overshadowed by his bad habits, the girlfriends start to get a little more than annoyed. So, if you have any bad habits which she detests, now would be the time to overplay all of them and at the same time would be even better. Make sure that she is given a full-blown display of all your annoying behaviors and ensure that they get worse as the days progress. If you are really a great guy and have very little to show in the name of bad habits then it is time to invent a few. Make a list of all the things she detests in men and ensure that you have perfected all of them. That should make it easier for her to say goodbye to you.

Turn into an overnight Casanova: Women get really aggravated when their men start hitting on everything wearing a skirt. If your girl is really the jealous type then you could try flirting with all her friends and ensure that she sees you eyeing every girl within a mile radius. Start by openly eyeing them and start chatting them up every chance that you get. You can enlist the help of your female friends whom she doesn't know and ask them to show more than a little interest towards you. If you act like this, she will definitely get mad enough to dump you and start looking for a better option. 

Be painfully honest: The best way to keep a girl is to avoid being honest about the questions they ask, especially about themselves. On the other hand, the best way that you can annoy your girlfriend and make her run in the opposite direction is to be as honest as possible. The next time she asks your opinion about her weight, looks or dress, instead of the usual, “You look great, honey” you can try singing a different tune. Start using lines like, “have you put on weight?, “that dress makes you look too fat”, “I think you need to go to the parlor” and see the difference.

Use your natural odor: Girls hate men who stink and the best way to get rid of her is smell worse than your natural odor, if that is possible. Stop using deodorants when you go to meet her, eat a lot of garlic for lunch if you have an evening date and don’t brush when you go out with her and her friends. Bad Breath Royalty Free Stock PhotographyYou can also try wearing the same clothes that you already wore 3 times and make sure that you have those old socks on which smell like a wet dog. If she has a habit of dropping in, you can bring some stake fish and drop them in the bin and tell her that it is your room freshener. She would be running out of the front door any time now.

Appear to be commitment phobic: Every woman dreams of starting a family one day; and they always look for something permanent in every relationship. If you are looking to get rid of your girlfriend, you will need to ensure that she knows you are not interested in marriage for at least the next twenty years. Always use every opportunity to bring up your dislike about any kind of permanence in your life and tell about it to your friends in front of your girlfriend. She won’t be hanging around much longer if she knows you are not serious about the relationship. 

Act like a possessive psycho: If you are really desperate and none of the simpler means have worked so far, what you can try next is to act like a extra possessive and domineering man who can’t let his woman out of his sight without suspecting her every move. You should ask her where she is going even when she just wants to pop inside the washroom, start questioning all her male friends’ motives and don’t let her go anywhere alone. Some might even go as far as disapproving her attire and not letting her choose her own meals. It might sound downright Neanderthal, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

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