Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Dump your girlfriend: Know when to exit

There has been recent dissatisfaction among the male masses on the cold and callous treatment their female partners have been dishing out towards them. Times have changed and the acts of cheating, infidelity, two-timing and ditching; which were considered to be a man’s domain; are now increasingly utilized by the female of the species. They are happy to dump their partners, boyfriends and husbands over small excuses without bothering to feel guilty or ashamed. Unfortunately it has been the men who taught them the rules and now the ladies are an expert at playing and winning in the game.

For the men who are just the innocent pawns in this game of deceit and treachery (there is likely to be a few of them) there is a ray of hope still left. All you need to do is read the signs and dump her before she gets the chance. This way you save your dignity and get a lesser dosage of ego-dampening and hurt.

No time for you: If your girlfriend has recently started to make you feel like the Bermuda triangle by avoiding you with all excuses possible, then there might be something else brewing on her mind. It is not worth whining and pleading with her, it is better to move on, if things are not getting better.

She does not mind going on “dates”: There are these so called ultra-modern “open” relationships where each one of the partners are free to date others. If you are not in one of those 'open' liaisons, but your girlfriend has kept her options open, then there might be some cause for concern and it is a cue for you to start looking elsewhere.

You are the “punching-bag”- If your girl is dumping all her misery out on you all the time and without cause then it might be time to say goodbye. There is a difference in being a shoulder to cry on and being an outlet for her emotional stress. You will start feeling like a punching bag before you reach a few months into the relationship, so it is better to run when there's still time.

The ex-factor – If there is any indication that she is still hung up on her ex and is just waiting for a nod of his head to pack her bags and move to the other side, you might seriously consider doing it before she does. Girls who are still emotionally attached to their exes are unlikely to be in a serious relationship with anyone else.

The gang of girls: If your girlfriend is more interested in dating her girlfriends than in spending time with you, she is giving you an indication of the coming times. It is good for a couple to give and get some space but too much space smacks of something fishy.

There might be easy explanations for all the above and it is always recommended to talk to each other before making any concrete plans, however if things don’t work out; it is time to head for splitsville.

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