Thursday, October 9, 2014

Keeping her interested...5 ways to impress your girl!

When you are attracted to a girl; you want to do your best to draw her attention towards you and impress her with your charming and suave nature. But most often, you will find that she has already been hooked by the dude next door who comes across as Casanova’s disciple; and you feel that you don’t have a chance against that kind of lethal charm. Well, that attitude is hardly going to help you in winning anyone’s heart and the first thing you need to get rid of is your can’t do attitude.

Attitude: Contrary to popular opinion, girls don’t fall for the cocky, brash nature. It might draw attention to you in the beginning but that boastful monologue of yours will only make her bite her tongue to stop herself from giggling. You need to appear confident, not cocky or arrogant. The right mixture of smartness and confidence is what you need to create a lasting impression.

More brain than brawn: 

Knowledge and smartness are some of the other quotients which you will need to possess, if you want to come across as an intelligent man. While you don’t have to be nerdy or an Einstein, you should have the ability to hold an interesting conversation about various topics apart from sports and video games.   

Attire: Clothes and accessories are something which will make or break a first impression. Girls are infamous for making jokes about a guy’s attire and loud accessories. Clean, well-cut and well-fitting clothes, in not so loud colors and prints will make a man look dashing and handsome. If you like accessories, avoid wearing too much of jewelry or loud watches. They are best suited for the ladies.


Two way conversations are very important to impress upon your girl that you are an interesting and understanding guy. If you have the habit of being the center of attention, maybe you can consider toning it down a bit for the occasion and let her have the stage for a change. However, it is nice if you are a good conversationalist and can hold your audience in rapture because that will help in gaining her interest, but you need to be a good listener too.

Compliments and flattery: Both will go a long way in making her interested, however you should not go overboard with the flattery because then; you will come across as a consummate flirt. If you have a roving eye, try keeping that in check, because girls don’t appreciate their man to look elsewhere when they are talking.  
Be your true self: Cheating never works when trying to impress a girl, because they are naturally intuitive and can usually detect when you are lying. Make the best of what you have got, without trying to overplay or underplay your assets.

After you have impressed and made the girl of your dreams fall in love with you, don’t forget to continue displaying the same interests and attention towards her. If you feel that you have got what you wanted and don’t need to make an effort anymore, it won’t be long before you see her walking out the door.

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