Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Top 10 crime books of 2014

#10. The Girl with a Clock for a Heart: A Novel by Peter Swanson

best crime thrillers
Already panned for a movie, this thriller has a bit of all, romance, mystery, action and suspense. Being a debut novel of the author, it has met some, but not all the hype surrounding its release. However, it’s a must-read for all crime fiction lovers where a man meets his long-lost mystery lover to find himself drawn to her world of intrigue, danger and secrets.

#9.Getting Life by Michael Morton

Getting Life by Michael Morton
Reading crime fiction and having to go through the repercussions of a crime are indescribably different experiences, one which, Michael Morton knows very well. He has made his foray into the world of writing to tell us his extraordinary story of unfathomable tragedy, grave injustice, and the strength and courage it takes to find forgiveness.

#8. Fall from Grace by Tim Weaver

Fall From Grace by Tim Weaver
A retired ex-policeman’s daughter enlists David Raker’s services to help find her missing father who has gone missing while consulting on a case.
With his effective writing skills, Tim Weaver weave his spell once again, drawing us in and keep reading without thinking about the time.

#7. Don't Talk to Strangers by Amanda Kyle Williams

Don't talk to strangers by Amanda Kyle Williams
Hailed by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution as “one of the most addictive new series heroines, Keye Street is back again to help the police solve a horrific crime in this third novel of the Keye series, when two dead bodies of teenage girls are found in the woods of Georgia and the hunt begins for a clever, ruthless predator.   

#6. Gallowglass by Gordon Ferris

Gallowglass by Gordon Ferris
Returning with the #4 in the Douglas Brodie series, Gordon Ferris raises hopes in our minds of encountering another of the newspaper investigator’s exciting crime solving abilities, only to shock us with the imminent death of Douglas. However, fans should not despair and hold on for another thrilling journey.

#5. Long Way Home by Eva Dolan

Long way home by Eva Dolan
If you have always imagined the English suburb to be a picture of idyll, peace and lazy tranquility then this novel will change your mind. With crimes ranging from modern-day slavery, to arson and murder, and a police force with little to go for them except their own powers of deduction, this debut novel has the makings of a great thrilling ride.
A brunt corpse in a suburban garden shed brings an unwelcome spotlight on to the small town of Peterborough and two detectives are faced with investigating a murder in a community that has more reason than most to dis-trust the police.

#4. The Good Girl by Mary Kubica

The Good Girl (Mary Kubica)
Another debut novel, which makes us wonder, what was the author doing all this while? With non-stop suspense in almost every page, this book will keep you glued to the end. What sounds like just another story of kidnapping and ransom, the reader will soon realize that things are more complicated than it first appears.

#3. The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith

JK Rowling
Better known as JK Rowling, this Harry Potter series writer has come a long way from her foray into the world of magic and has focused her imagination towards adult crimes as Robert Galbraith. Private investigator Comoran Strike is back again to solve the disappearance of a novelist which turns into a murder investigation.

#2. The Last Room by Danuta Reah

The Last Room by Danuta Reah
Danuta Reah, who also writes as Carla Banks, made her crime debut in 1999 with ‘Only Darkness’ the rights to which were purchased by Escazal Films. In “The Last Room”, the author takes us into the world of a grieving father, Will Gillen, who has accepted the death of his daughter as a suicide and that of her lover, Dariusz who refuses to do so. Having already lost a daughter in the past, will he be proven right in his surmises or will there be a more sinister discovery made by Dariusz?

#1. Escape by Dominique Manotti

Escape by Dominique Manotti
Dominique Manotti is a French professor and crime writer with a brilliant knowledge of the modern society and how everyday crimes run through our society at large. With just 161 pages, one would assume Escape would be an easy read. On the contrary, the reader might feel like keeping the book down for a minute, just to reflect on what happened. It is a short novel that manages to pack in as much punch and suspense as that of a book of twice the length. It tells the tale of a small time criminal who after escaping from prison writes a novel about a fellow prisoner and finds himself being hounded by the cops as well as the bad guys.

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