Monday, September 22, 2014

10 worst pick-up lines ever used

Let’s admit it; we have all heard one of those in our lifetimes! As a rule, men tend to think they appear smart and witty by spinning an over-used cheesy pick-up line; but the truth is, women rarely tend to find anything intelligent in such age-old tricks. So here’s some advice for the men who always thought that pick-up lines are great, NOT a good idea.
There are cases however, where a girl might get a good laugh out of it and feel more agreeable towards the guy, but he should have the smartness to keep her hooked.    


Trying to display your manliness by making crass remarks will not get you anywhere, except probably a night in the lockup for teasing and harassment. Seriousness aside, these lines do make us laugh especially in hindsight and are a good way to de-stress ourselves.

1. Are you for real? Because I’m sure, those two aren't!”

The line says it all. First, you are showing how high your IQ is, and second you show the audacity to insult the lady as well. Making lewd comments about any body parts will only earn you a look of disgust and in some cases, a tight slap.

2. Are you sure we haven’t met before? Oh right, I saw you in my dreams!”

A slight innovation to the cheesy, "I've seen you somewhere line’, but still unimaginative and tacky as the original."

3. “Your dad must be a scientist. Coz he sure made a new hot discovery in YOU!”

A little too bold to bring the dad into the picture, I would say. It might not get the girl, but will surely get you a few good laughs.

4. “Hey, can you show me the way? To your house?”

A slight twist to the original but still retains its stalker-like creepiness. I’m sure this hasn't worked for anybody but all of us dames would love to hear if anyone has fallen for it, ever!

5.“Can I get you a drink? You look hot”


Another tacky line which makes us women cringe with embarrassment, not for ourselves, for the guy. I mean, couldn't you just leave the line at the offer; instead of making the next cheesy remark? Trust me, makes you sound desperate!

6.“Can you give me a missed call? Can’t seem to find my phone”

It cannot get more obvious than this. No sane girl will ever fall for this. First, girls are not that dumb, even if they are blonde and second, even if you get her number, most likely she is a worse stalker than you!

7.“Where were you hiding all my life?”

One of the cheesiest lines I've ever heard. If the girl was smart, you would get back something like, ‘under the table’ or ‘behind your ego’. But the silent treatment doesn't mean she has been impressed. Probably, thinking of dialing her brawny boyfriend’s phone number.

8. “Got a smoke? No? You sure got a hot butt!” 

It is fine to check out the assets of the opposite sex, I’m sure all do. But making suggestive remarks and expecting the woman to swoon with appreciation, is a little too much. What you can definitely expect with this line, is a kick on your butt!

9.“Baby, you are so sweet; I think I have diabetes, by just looking at you!"

The only thing which will strike our mind after listening to this, will be, “Kill me!” Or probably kill the guy. There are cheesy and tacky lines, but this will surpass even the corniest ones.

10. “Darling, I hope you know CPR, coz I just lost my breath!”

My response to this would be, “No, but I do know karate. Want a kick up your @#$?” Surely, that should say it all?
Girls, please feel free to add your experiences of the worst pick-up lines you have ever heard. Guys, be bold and tell us if you've ever used any from our list. Your original lines will also be appreciated!

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