Tuesday, July 8, 2014

10 major turnoffs for women

A guy might be fairly attractive and without many drawbacks, but he might still not be attract the opposite sex towards him. Or it might be that even though girls are attracted they might not be interested in a second date. It might be puzzling to a guy who is not able to point where exactly the problem lies, especially if he has looks and persona to his advantage. But apart from good looks and outward personality there are a few other things which you will need to consider when trying to impress a woman. There are certain things which might be major turnoffs from a female perspective and this might be where you are losing out as well.

If you are trying to impress a woman, you have to think from their viewpoint instead of looking at it from a macho outlook. So, the next time you are trying to hook a single woman, you might want to have a look at the following traits and see if they look familiar. If they do, you might want to brush up or change on some of those, to better your chances with the opposite sex. Here are the top ten turnoffs that you should avoid like the plague.

What’s that smell: If you know a woman, you would also know that she always wants pleasant odors in her vicinity. She surrounds herself with the smell of scented candles, flowers and perfumed clothes. The worst thing that a woman can be faced with is a foul smelling man. It could be that you are meeting her after a day of hard work or you are habituated of smoking so your mouth gives off smoker’s breath. Whatever the reason might be, if you have the habit of giving off an unpleasant odor from your body or mouth, you will seriously need to invest in deodorants and mint.Funny Cartoons Images

A roving eye: You might think yourself to be the next Don Juan and of course you will need to keep your eyes open for all the new prospects. But if you are on a date with a woman, and you are on the lookout to impress her, you can forget about eyeing everything that passes your table in a skirt. A woman hates to be ignored, especially on her first date and the best thing you can do to offend her is make eyes at the competition. She might ignore a look here and there, but if you have a roving eye, you can kiss the next date goodbye.

Foul language: Your male buddies might love your “street talk” but it is a strict no-no with the female species, especially if you just got to know her. Language is what depicts your nature and personality and what might be just normal talk for you, has the potential to offend a woman. You will need to maintain a good impression in the first few meetings so if you are used to swearing like a pirate, you will need to practice clean talk before going on the lookout for a female companion. 

The gangster look: If you are fond of dressing like an aspiring actor for the next mafia role, you might attract the wrong kind of attention. Although it seems to be a little unfair, just as guys don’t like badly dressed girls, women are not far behind in judging the book by its cover. So, if you don’t want to be the gossip fodder of your date in her next “all girls’ meet”, you might think of getting your attire up to the mark.                                   
                                                Men faces with beards and glasses
Coming on too strong: A girl might be dressed hot and appear to be an open-minded person, but the truth might not be what it looks like. Girls hate the strong come-ons, especially if they don’t know the guy too well. So, if you are the type of guy who likes to proposition their dates on the first couple of dates itself, you might want to change your outlook and agenda. It will not help your cause, if every girl you meet ends up blocking you from their friend’s list. So be a gentleman and wait for a sign from the girl, which is not a short skirt or a low top. 

The old pick-up methods: While it might look good on a movie, a corny pick-up line will just earn you a laugh and departing back. Using age-old techniques from dated movies are no longer the “in” thing and will not help you in any way. So, if you are using borrowed ideas to pick up girls, you will need to change your technique. The best thing is to be yourself; and give an honest compliment which does not sound made-up. You will probably end up getting brownie points for your effort.

Meet Mr. Pompous: A guy who is full of himself will never be able to hold the attention of any women for long, forget about getting a second date. If you have the ability of one way conversation, then you will need to seriously throw that out of the window. Women hate guys who are full of themselves and can only boast about themselves. So, if you have an ostentatious attitude then that might be the reason why you are unable to get a woman to go out with you for more than a couple of times.

Mr. Busy Bee: You might be a very important person on your own turf, but when you go on a date and are busy checking e-mails and answering calls, you will only come off as a show-off. Besides, no girl would like to be with a man who does not have the time for a simple date, imagine the condition when they are in a serious relationship. So, while you are busy on your very important office call, she is probably eyeing the nearest exit.

Mr. Touchy-Feely: A guy who has the habit of snaking up their hands on his date’s body has little hopes of getting anywhere but home, alone. A few simple impersonal touches are okay on a first date but no one likes to be felt up by a man they hardly know. So, learn to keep your hands to yourself and you might be lucky to keep a woman for a longer time.

Watch the attitude: When you go out on a new date, you are there to impress a woman, which is not going to happen by browbeating the waiter. If you want to show your manly attributes, you might try opening the car door for her. By showing your overbearing attitude towards the staff is only going to create the impression of a conceited person.

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