Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Gift ideas for an expectant mother

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Getting a gift is one of the difficult and trickiest things in life, especially if you want to appear thoughtful and bright. Now, when you are getting a gift for an expectant mother and she happens to be your wife, it poses even more of a problem. Being the husband you are already aware that your wife is currently on an emotional roller coaster and getting her a gift without putting in your thoughts and effort might bring you a lot of grief.

An expectant mother is a completely different person than the woman you have been married to. So, if you bring her a pair of stilettos she otherwise would have loved; you might as well find the same pair thrown back at you because of your insensitivity. A mother-to-be would definitely not appreciate the reminder that she will not be able to wear those heels for the next whatever months. There are however a lot of delightful gifts that you can plan for your pregnant wife which will earn you a lot of brownie points and at the same time make her happy.

massage as gistSome massage therapy?: 

Being pregnant can kill a woman’s feet and if you want to be on her good books you should know that fact. Gifting a gift coupon to her with a set number of foot and other doctor approved massages will seem to be heaven sent for her. It is one of the most thoughtful gifts you can think of gifting an expectant mother and she will appreciate your idea, even though you got it after reading this article.

A wardrobe makeover: A woman who’s pregnant will have a lot to say about the physical changes going through her body and her self-appreciation is at one of its lowest peaks at this juncture. One of the best ways to perk her up is to take her to a store where they have attractive maternity wears; the ones which will not make her look like a balloon. You ca n also gift her a coupon to the store where she can shop with her friends if you are not a great shopper yourself. Getting her a wardrobe remake is a wonderful idea for a gift, again one which will be really appreciated.

gift ideas

A holiday package: After some time it gets a little boring to just sit and wait for the baby to come. There is no better way to surprise the mom-to-be by taking her to a holiday in one of her favorite places. It would not only take the pressure off her shoulders, it will also earn you some respite from those hormones that were driving you crazy.

Get her a rocking chair: An expectant mother spends most of her time sitting and she might not be very comfortable with any of the sitting arrangements at your place. Gifting her with a rocking chair or a recliner is a good idea, especially if she likes to sit in one of those. You might need to help her out of it once she sits though, because getting up from one is quite a challenge for a pregnant lady. But it is a great gift idea, as it will also be of use after the birth. 

  gift idea
Apart from the above, you might also want to get her some of her favorite movies and music, upgrade her music system, get her some extra help in the house with the cleaning and cooking etc. They might say that it is not the gift and the thought which counts, but in case of a mom-to-be both matters.

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