Friday, October 31, 2014

Dating Advice: Are you giving the wrong signals?

You go on a date and realize that there is hardly anything in common between you and your date. So here you are, trying to desperately think of an excuse to break the news to her without hurting her feelings. The first thing you would be wondering is how to avoid the question of a second date without coming out as a heartless ogre. During this critical situation, men often make the mistake of giving out the wrong signals to the lady, which in turn sends a myriad of conflicting and mixed messages to your date. While there is no need to be callous and tell her that there is hardly any love lost between you two, you could still give out subtle hints and avoid giving the wrong impression.
Here are some of the common mistakes you need to avoid.
The “give me a call” routine:

When men feel attraction, they take the girl's number and make sure they call them shortly, if not immediately. But when they want to avoid further contact, they ask the girl to give him a call sometime. That is a way to actually avoid calling her and give her a hint that he is just not that into her. But all women are not expert mind-readers and they literally take that as an invitation to give you a call. So if you want to avoid the whole routine of screening your calls then better tell her that you will call when you have the time.
Don’t get railroaded into a date:

The feeling of guilt leads to another famous faux pas in men, they agree to go with the lady to a common’ friend’s party or meet her casually somewhere for a coffee. Now this may seem to the guy as a harmless friendly outing but the lady might already be planning her wedding trousseau.  
The ‘I'm out of town’ gimmick: Another common excuse a guy uses to avoid a girl's unwanted attention, is the “I am not in town” line. Smart women will get the hint and understand that the guy is not interested in furthering the acquaintance, but some might take it as a genuine excuse and will take your word for it. You will then have her nagging you for your return date and the same pattern will keep repeating.
Stop picking her calls: 

Girls tend to make mountains out of mole hills especially, when it comes to a crush. The fact that you are taking her calls and making time for a conversation might give her the entirely wrong idea.
Men usually tend to be less complicated than women and do not give out ridiculously conflicting messages. It is usually out of gallantry they don’t want to tell a direct ‘no’ to a woman and that is when matters get complicated. It is always better, though hurtful to say a direct “no”.

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