Friday, January 2, 2015

Grooming tips for a handsome you

Everyone wants to be dressed like a star, to have a huge fan-following and have their photographs displayed on the cover-page of a magazine. While all these might sound like a pipe-dream for many of us, there is no need to sigh and tuck away our dreams. A well-groomed personality is like an attractive cover of a book, no matter what is the content inside; you are already hooked with the first glance. So here are a few tips towards brushing those cobwebs away and coming out with a whole new package.

Grooming for men: Men have come a long way from their boring suits, oiled hair and I-don’t -care-how-I-look attitude and have started paying a lot of attention towards their looks. And keeping in mind the rise in the sale of male grooming products, one might safely assume that the modern, self-aware man is here to stay. So here are some quick tips for men to look and appear their best.

Hair:  While long hair and facial hair might look good on some men, unfortunately the corporate world does not appreciate the unkempt look. If you don’t want to cut those tresses away, you might look at investing in some hair gel and pull back those locks into a pony-tail. Or if your hair is too short for a pony, just go for gelling and brushing all the hair back for that dashing Italian look. For facial hair, unfortunately there is no other go but to keep it clean. A five o’clock stubble is acceptable but more than that is frowned upon.

Clothes and shoes: Like women, men also have different body types and structures and need to keep this in mind while choosing clothes. For the office, men can choose crisp shirts in muted colors and trousers in darker shades. What needs to be kept in mind is that the shirts are well-pressed and the trousers do not have any lines showing. Comfort and cut should be the topmost criteria while choosing clothes. Loud colors should be avoided while dressing for the office or corporate events and short shirts which ride above the trousers are a definite “NO”. Shoes are the second most important part of a man’s dressing. Office shoes should be kept simple and the big brass buckled shoes or the pointed cowboy ones should be avoided.

Accessories: Luckily, men don’t have to worry about matching their accessories with their clothing; however the right tie and the right watch goes a long way in enhancing their personality. While choosing ties, the color of the suit and shirt must be kept in mind and loud patterns and colors should be avoided. 

It is easier to dress outside office, but please keep in mind, shirts with floral prints and footwear like floaters, are meant for the beach and not the clubs. It is always best to invest in some good deodorants for that long day in office and perfumes for the late night outs. Apart from dressing, social manners and etiquette go a long way in earning the brownie points, so brush up on those skills as well.

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