Tuesday, July 8, 2014

6 ways to be Charming and Romantic

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The two most important things that a man needs in order to impress a woman are his charm and attitude. Yes, it might seem strange but good looks actually take a back seat when a woman is looking for a partner. His values and behavior are what will take a guy ahead in a romantic relationship. And once you win over your lady love, there is no reason to lose your charm and romantic allure with her. Just because she has been enamored does not mean that she does not deserve your gallantry and romantic gestures anymore.

Men mostly take the trouble of using their appeal and charm to impress a girl in the initial stages; and often forget that it is equally important to show the same attitude towards their partner as well. Once the initial stage of wooing is over, they abandon all the charm. But the fact is that it becomes even more important to keep the romance alive to avoid your relationship from getting into a rut. All of us has heard about the mythical seven year itches which are more like one year itches these days. 
Here are some ways you can use your charm to keep the romance alive in your relationship.

Use your charm to communicate and connect: A charming person is one who not only has a lot of interesting things to share but is also equally interested in listening to the other person. You should understand your partner’s moods well and utilize that knowledge to keep her happy and entranced. If you are a person who is self-absorbed and egoistical you will not be able to keep your lady-love’s interest from dwindling. If you are genuinely a charming person, you will be able to communicate well with your partner and keep her interested in the conversation. 

Get to know her well: You should make the effort to draw out her deepest thoughts and understand her better in the process. Unless you know your partner well, you will not be able to charm her, no matter how hard you try. Taking a long solitary walk and talking about your lives will give your partner a fresh romantic feeling. Discussing about your mutual aspirations, your past, present and the future are all part of being a charming, romantic personality and what constitutes a loving relationship.

Use your imagination to charm your partner: Another useful weapon that a charming personality has, is the power of creativity and imagination.  A long term relationship usually loses its charm after a certain point of time and boredom and stagnancy settles in. One should use one’s imagination and creativity to think of new ways to keep the romance in the relationship alive. You can charm your lady-love with new ideas and surprise gestures and take away the boredom from your affair. A charming man does not need money to impress his partner, a few non-monetary ideas like writing love poems, singing a song for her, preparing a loving dinner or going on a romantic picnic is enough to win her heart.  

Stay away from cliched ideas: If you are a genuinely charming person who cares about the needs of his partner, you will have your own original ideas to charm her. Copying age-old cliched plans from her friend’s lovers or using half-hearted gestures will only manage to reveal your disinterest. Your partner can easily make out if you are truly caring or just putting up a facade. A truly original and thoughtful idea which may not be necessarily extravagant will be enough to warm your partner’s heart. You don’t have to be a movie star or a celebrity to impress your woman, be your genuine self and you will have her heart. 

Create the mood for love: 

We must all admit that it sometimes gets boring to be in the same relationship for a long time. But that does not mean that you should pack your bags and move for new pastures, because the same thing is going to happen again. So unless you want to spend your life with multiple meaningless affairs instead of being in a stable relationship, you should learn to use to your charms to your advantage. Whenever you feel that either you or your partner is becoming jaded with the sameness of the relationship, try reviving it by creating a mood for romance. Remember the early days when you used to be able to charm a bird out of its tree? Well, you still have the ability; you just need to bring yourself to use it again. A dead romance usually becomes dead because of neglect and disregard but it can always be revived if you make an effort.

Don’t wait for special occasions: When you are in love, every day is special. It does not have to be a birthday or an anniversary to do something special. You can use your charming ways to make your lady love feel unique day in and day out. All you need to do is have an interest in keeping the romance alive in your relationship. Unless you genuinely care about your relationship, you will not be able to make the effort required to be thoughtful and caring. Doing something together, like having a common hobby or project, taking a class together, indulging in activities etc. will help to bring the charm back into your life. Don’t wait for an occasion or day to make your romance special.

Everyone has their own special talents and attributes, all you need to do is to hone them and you will be a master of charm. And your new-found confidence will shine through for everyone to see.Be thoughtful and attentive towards your partner and charm will follow on its own.

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