Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Work-life balance: Some tips on getting it right

Maintaining a healthy balance between the work-place and personal life is probably one of the most challenging tasks for a person. The balance always seems to be tilted in favor of one or the other and the perfect equilibrium seems almost impossible to be found. It is usually in the favor of the workplace because everyone is concerned with the recession and lay-offs and don’t want to be the next victim. But then, this stress might make you the victim of some terminal disease, instead.

This is an area of concern, not only for the individuals but for the management in a company as well. The kind of stress that one has to handle because of mounting work and dissatisfied family members is too much for anyone to handle and there is a breaking point for everybody. The lack of proper support from the company can lead to a severance of a good working relationship as well as a valuable asset.

For an individual there are serious issues which might arise because of the highly stressed environment, either at home or at the office. The importance of maintaining a proper work-life balance is one of the most important tasks in a person’s life. Postponing or overlooking the issue might be a prelude to future catastrophe.
socks if you are not ready to kiss your job goodbye yet. Read on for some valuable tips in getting the proper balance in your personal and work-life.

Keep work at office: Bringing work home seems to be the ideal solution for everyone, these days. The thought process here is about killing two birds with one stone, but in reality nothing gets killed except your valuable time. There should be a clear division between work and personal life and bringing work home, is crossing that line. Trying to work and talk to your kid will not get anything accomplished. Unless, it is an emergency keep your laptop closed and spend that time in doing something with your family instead. 
Cut out the wastage: There are a lot of things we do in our daily lives which eat up our valuable time. When we don’t have work, we feel like relaxing in front of the television or maybe browse the internet. Instead of providing an outlet for all the work stress we are just helping to build in more dissatisfaction. Sitting in front of the television or laptop will affect your health since that’s what you do in the office as well. Instead, take advantage of that time to go out with your family, play with your kids, meet and have fun with friends, or any other physical activity which will help you feel better.
Learn to delegate: Most of the times, we are scared that something will go wrong and try to do everything on our own. This is a completely unhealthy practice as we all need a backup for ourselves who are practically trained to handle everything in our absence. Creating a back-up and delegating some of the work will help us free up some valuable time which we can then spend in doing something worthwhile.
Go on that vacation: If you are ruefully looking at your vacation hours getting lapsed every year, it is time for you to take a long hard look at yourself again. No matter even if you are the President of a company, it will still run in your absence. Denying yourself a vacation is like denying the body fresh air, you need it to live a healthy life. There is no great stress buster than a nice long soak in the sea waters or enjoying a few weeks of the cold, fresh, mountain air. No matter where you go, you will come back feeling rejuvenated and new.

Seek help from your employer: Your employer is not a monster and telling him that you need help in setting up a balance between your work and home is not going to make him tear his hair off. You might get some kind of practical solutions and tips from the guy as well. Keeping your employer informed about any kind of stress or anxiety that you are facing because of work is an important step. Unless it is an asinine demand, he is definitely going to pay attention.

Prioritization is the key: Knowing what is important to you and what is not, is an important start to getting a balance back into your life. There will be numerous times when you will be forced to make a choice between your work or family life and this when prioritizing will come into play. You will need to use this key in both your workplace as well as your personal life. Organizing your life to the hilt is going to make your life much easier.

Following all the above will definitely help to bring some sort of normalcy back into your life before it is too late. It is also important to understand the underlying signals that you are getting from your body and mind when you are engrossed in making those big bucks. What is the point of earning all that money when all you are going to spend it on, are hospital bills?

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