Sunday, August 24, 2014

When men flirt.....

Ever wonder what a woman is thinking when a man is spinning those cliched lines?

Flirting is an age-old routine of trying to gain someone’s attention and interest and even though women are adapt at it, men have mastered the art. Flirting is not a modern invention; it was prevalent even in the medieval times. The dialogues and lines might have been different during those times, but the intention was the same. Take Romeo for example, what were those verses he sang out to Juliet standing underneath her balcony? Pure flirting, if you ask me.

The modern-day Romeos, however, have improvised a lot and have the ability to use the same lines on two different girls and sometimes at the same time!

Have you ever wondered what are the women thinking about, when you are spinning those lines? Women usually love to hear good things about themselves, and are flattered when they are being noticed. But they are not air-heads, more often than not they know that the guy probably has used the same pick-up lines on a number of girls before. They like subtlety much better than brash behavior and even though the Casanova attitude might serve as an element of attraction, it fails to serve a long term purpose.

When a woman is being fed those cliched lines there are various thoughts running through her head at that instant, which might prove interesting for men.

He likes me: Wow, he likes me! Well, when a man takes the pain of trying to gain someone’s interest, the woman will obviously start using the ‘like’ word a lot in her head. The first thought is usually, “is he really into me? She might know that the guy is just flirting but she feels flattered by the attention.

Is he really interested? Once the initial elation wears off, an woman’s thoughts will progress to the next level, which is ‘doubts’, a woman’s constant companion. She will start agonizing over the fact whether the guy is actually interested in her or is he just trying to be friendly. Does he like me or am I just a good time-out?

Am I special?: It’s not that a woman is foolish, she has the capability to rise to the top in  most positions in her job, has the brains to become a surgeon or an astronaut but when it comes to the matter of the heart, she loses all good sense. Even though the guy might be thinking about flirting with the hot girl sitting on the next table, our lady is oblivious to the fact and is busy thinking she might be special. Go figure.

What next?: This phase comes if a guy is really good at the flirting business and has managed to convince her that he is really interested then the next natural question that comes to her mind is, what is the next step? Is he interested in a long-term relationship or just wants to have sex?

These are just some of the thoughts which run through a woman’s mind when a guy is flirting and of course only if she is interested as well. But before the men who are reading this article starts agonizing over the complicated ways of women, good news  is, women these days are have started to take things lightly too. Even though the likelihood of at least one of the above questions to run through their mind is strong, there are women who will silence these voices and just go with the flow. So, next time when you are busy using those newly learnt flirting skills, you might want to spare a moment for the thoughts that are running through her head.

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