Monday, November 17, 2014

5 easy steps to build your stamina

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In today’s hectic and unhealthy lifestyle people start losing their ability to do physical and menial work at an early age. The demands of a corporate life are very stringent but the pressure is only mental and involves the constant exertion of the brain; but there is hardly any physical labor involved. Also with the advancement of machines and automated devices, we hardly need to lift a finger let alone do any other work. We tend to indulge our bodies with all the blessings of the modern world, giving little thought to the fact that it’s actually blight to our own health and well-being.

A well built stamina is extremely important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and keeping away diseases and illnesses associated with a sedentary lifestyle. It is never too late to build a healthy stamina and bring some positive changes into our loves; however the process involves a lot of sincere effort and dedication.

Cardio exercises: It is not necessary to get a gym membership for doing cardiovascular exercises. These are simple workouts and can be done at your home or outside in the open. Doing simple cardio vascular exercises like the treadmill, cycling and aerobics help in boosting the stamina and also keeps the heart strong. If you have the time and means to join a class, it is even better because there are various exercises and variations that professionals teach in the gym.

Strength Building: For overall improvement of stamina and endurance, it is extremely important to build muscle strength side by side with cardio. Alternating cardio and strength building exercises in your routine will ensure you are getting a balanced workout with improved muscle strength as well as a healthy heart, the perfect equation for a healthy life.Man exercising bosu weight training workout

Walking and jogging: Walking has been known to be the best form of exercise since centuries and helps in maintaining a good healthy life, if practiced regularly. Walking in a fast pace with proper breathing is a sure fire way of building your stamina. Jogging also boosts the body’s metabolism, releasing toxins and also increasing your stamina.

Yoga: One of the most beneficial ways to build your stamina is by doing yoga. Yoga has gained popularity over all other exercises in the recent times. In ancient times Rishis and Sages used to practice meditation and yoga regularly and had the ability to go without food for days. Now, yoga is recommended to everyone for getting a better and healthier life. With innovations like power yoga, the routine of yoga has become more modern and hip.

Regular habits and balanced diet: An irregular lifestyle and an unbalanced diet can bring havoc to a person’s health and which will be very difficult to control with only exercise and yoga. Regular sleep patterns and a timely routine of food consumption should be followed to build a better stamina. A balanced diet should contain all the carbohydrates, proteins as well as the required quantity of fat.

Apart from the above, making small changes in your routine like walking instead of taking your vehicle for shopping and small errands, taking the stairs instead of the elevators, buying your own groceries, playing with your kids, taking your dog to the park etc. will make a huge difference over the time.

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