Monday, November 17, 2014

5 ways to make your date perfect!

There is more to a date than just asking a girl out and getting her to agree. You need to think about making the date a perfect one for her so that the second one is easier to get. Impressing a girl on a date is not very difficult; if you put on a little effort and brush up on some of the “what women want” knowledge. A little romance and excitement is what is needed to make or break a date. Making a good impression on the first date is very important if you want to take the relationship to the next level. A little mixture of charm, courteousness, physical allure and intelligence can take you all the places with a girl. Read on to find out the ways to make your date a perfect one which she would remember for all the right reasons.

Courtesy and chivalry: With all the talk about males and females being equal; women still have this inherent need to be treated with old fashioned chivalry and gallantry. If you come across as a chauvinist on your very first date you can kiss the second one goodbye because there is very little likelihood of her wanting to go out on another date with a Boor. If you manage to do little stuff like holding the door open or pulling her chair out, you will win a few brownie points.

A two-way conversation: If you are an intelligent talker but can only speak and not listen than you might want to brush up on your listening skills. No one, least of all a girl on her first date, would like to be the only one listening to some boring accomplishments you might have achieved in your life. Giving her an opportunity to talk will not only make her feel confident but also let you know her better.

Don't come on too strong: There is one thing that a girl hates on her first date like no other; and that is a guy coming on too strong. Even if you two have a scorching attraction brewing right there across the dining table, it is still prudent to curb your excitement and utilize it at a later time. By not pawing upon her like a Neanderthal in heat, you would have managed to win her trust and also make her feel that you are interested in her for more than one reason.

Be presentable: Your appearance and personality are what will make a first and last impression; so keeping yourself looking and sounding the best is an important aspect of making your date a perfect one. Being decently dressed in the color which suits you best; and keeping body and mouth odor at bay are small but important things to keep in mind.  

The location: A date is not only about going to a place and doing small talk or eating food. Choosing a romantic, interesting location for the date is definitely going to win a lot of points in your favor. If you are able to choose an interesting spot and also create a romantic environment, you will be crafting “a date to remember”.  

Although ensuring that you have followed all the points above doesn't guarantee your next date (their's something called a "free will" of the female involved), but it definitely ensures that you will be on your way to charm your date and make her feel special!

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