Friday, December 5, 2014

4 tips to keep the romance alive

After the initial glow of a relationship wears off, we tend to think of it like an automated machine which will run on its own. It is a well known fact that we take our loved ones for granted and expect them to understand us and keep the relationship going without making any effort.

A relationship is like planting a tree, we plant the sapling, put some manure and soil; and water it regularly. But if we forget to water it or check the growth of weeds and insects; the plant dies off. The same is with any relationship, forging a bond is one thing and keeping it alive is another. If you have neglected to cherish it and it has started to dry, maybe you still have a chance to save it.

Giving time: We all understand the demands of a work life; and the stress and pressure of a work schedule hardly leaves time for anything else. But giving time to your relationship is equally important and showing affection and indulgence towards your partner is the key to a lasting relationship and will help bring you closer. The first sign of dissatisfaction shown by your partner should be the signal to take out some extra time and do something together.

Keep it fresh: 

When we are trying to woo someone, we shower them with gifts, chocolate and flowers. But after a few years into the relationship we don’t even remember their birth days and anniversaries. We assume that our partners automatically know we love them and don’t need any particular sign of affection. However the older the relationship is, the more it requires signs of love and care. A simple gesture of affection, a whispered ‘I love you’ and a sudden hug will only help you in cementing your relationship.

Second and many more honeymoons: The romance of a first honeymoon can probably never be repeated, but creating the same kind of intimacy by taking vacations together will definitely do the trick. It is probably difficult to make time for a second or a third honeymoon without the kids, but it is important to at least go for a short trip without the kids in tow. If you don’t have the budget or the time for a vacation; make sure to send the kids to their grandparents and indulge in some private, romantic time together as much as possible.

Outside help: There are numerous ways to rekindle a dead romance but sometimes all our efforts seem to go in vain. In such cases we should not lose hope and check on the options of counseling and seeking professional help. There is nothing wrong in trying out all options in saving your relationship; one that you have given so much time and effort to build.       

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